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To request a full proposal for a custom designed group tour, please complete this form and push to "submit" button to send it to us via email. This form is for groups of 10 or more persons.

If you prefer, print out this form and mail it to us at the address at the bottom of this form. Alternatively you may scan or print and e-mail it in. You are also welcome to phone us at (800) 331-1882 with the information .

We will respond with your quote as soon as possible We look forward to providing you with a memorable and trouble free tour for your group.

Club Europa Travel

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Travel Dates:

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2. Location Preference
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    If you are including dinner, how many:
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If group does NOT want an escort, please describe (qualifications & title) the group person responsible while trip is in progress


Free Programs:
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What Room Size for Free passenger(s)
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If you would like Club Europa to bid on the group flights also, please complete this section
Coach Class Business Class Airline preference, if any:
Your Itinerary
  • Please give day-by-day description of itinerary/cities to be included
  • Note special events and/or sights you definitely want included
  • If you want a specific hotel in any city, please indicate by name
  • If coming to us with a specific itinerary, ask yourself if ample travel time was allowed between stopovers and also adequate free time
  • Type of travel should be indicated-motorcoach, ferry, hovercraft, train, cruise ship, flight, etc.
  • If your group has only a general outline in mind (no real specifics), just tell us their general goals...for example: "ten days in England with a focus on theatre" or "three weeks in central Europe definitely including Munich & Salzburg amongst the locales."
The more you tell us, the easier it is to present an itinerary that meets the goals of your group in content & budget!
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Club Europa Travel
310 W. Delaware Avenue, Urbana, IL 61801 USA
(800) 331-1882 or (217) 344-5863

Huschkagasse 4, A1090 Wien, AUSTRIA
43-1-905-4274 MOBILE: 43-650-940-3255

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