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my travel wallet

Travelex Insurance ServicesTravelex’s My Travel Wallet is an online ordering application through which travelers can access a full range of travel money products and services.

With My Travel Wallet, you can order international travel cash for delivery direct to their doorstep:

  • Foreign currency banknotes
  • Foreign currency travelers checks
  • Cash Passport – a reloadable, prepaid global cash card that works like your ATM card.

My Travel Wallet offers competitive foreign exchange rates on over 70 currencies and no fees to order. That means no commission fees on currency or travelers checks

Each order also includes a 'Buy Back' envelope for easy reimbursement of unused currency.

Orders can be placed online 24 hours a day and payment can be made via debit or credit cards.

All orders are 100% guaranteed and the site features a strict Privacy Policy and leading edge security.




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