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The Key To Success


Experienced and creative staff plan and operate your group travel project; our dynamic group of travel professionals is dedicated to the total success of your journey. We are fully aware that this kind of travel is not cheap and for many people a very rare, if not a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Over fifty percent of our senior staff is European, with extensive travel expertise and a profound knowledge of "our" continent. Most of us have worked as escorts, giving us hands-on experience in virtually all aspects of the travel industry, especially those related to group travel and customer satisfaction.

Our team is intimately familiar with group travel requirements in Europe. We offer the experience and in-depth knowledge essential to a successful program – plus an exceptionally creative and enthusiastic approach to travel projects that will make your tour an outstanding experience.

While on tour – with or without an escort – or European office personnel are on call 24 hours a day to answer your questions and provide whatever assistance you may require. These are real people, not just answering machines telling you on a Saturday to please call back with your problems on Monday. The Vienna office closely monitors the progress of all groups while they are on the road in Europe – insuring that every tour participant has a rewarding, memorable and trouble-free trip.

And, our on-site staff of tour directors, local assistants, guides, and chauffeurs are carefully selected and specialliy trained by our senior staff - affording you and your group the highest quality professional service.

Our Senior Staff

Andy Benz
Owner, President
Marti Auler
General Manager
Flight Specialist
Dr. Sonja Graf
European Operations, Vienna


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