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Beyond the Basics

Your Land Package

Any reputable tour operator covers "the basics". But it is what CLUB EUROPA can provide beyond the basics that will make the journey a memorable experience for your group members.

Our specialty is our close connection to the "Old World". We guarantee you that you will be talking to a European when designing and preparing your tour. We know “our” continent and will gladly provide this knowledge and experience to serve you and your group.

Our specialty is providing travel opportunities and inclusions that are truly unique – very special days and events that will make the memories of a lifetime.

This may be an unforgettable evening dining under the stars, with musicians strolling from table to table….a reception with diplomats or local leaders….an off-the-beaten-track sightseeing excursion….a cocktail party at a castle….

Our specialty is a highly personalized service which truly deserves the word "customized". This begins with listening to you and goes as far as holding a preparatory meeting with your group prior to departure – wherever you are in the continental U.S.

We are closely affiliated with partner companies in London, Paris, Nice, Rome, Berlin, Cologne, Amsterdam, Madrid, Prague, Athens and Dublin.



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