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All the Basics

Your Land Package

There are certain "givens" that are likely to be part of your group travel needs: hotels, transportation, meals, tour escort, local sightseeing guides, etc….

With a vast number of supplier contracts and agreements at our fingertips.…with access to competitive group airfares….with an excellent staff of tour escorts and local guides….these basics are very well covered

Our hotel contracts range from the highest standard luxury hotels in Europe suitable for VIP travel to quaint tourist class properties for more budget-minded groups.

The coach companies we work with offer the highest standard of travel, with modern, air-conditioned deluxe motorcoaches to suit the needs of every group. We have excellent contracts with ferry, cruise and rail services….and can even charter entire trains or cruise ships for very large groups.

We work with a myriad of fine restaurants, enabling us to offer anything from "tea time" to gala banquets.

Conference rooms can be booked for everything from large incentive groups, classrooms are available for educators or academic groups, venues for church service can be arranged for pilgrimage groups.

Top city guides – English or Spanish speaking, of course – are at our disposal everywhere in Europe. These are locally licensed professionals who know "their" city inside out, taking into account any possible special interest your group may have.


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