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We design and operate custom tours to and through Europe for Girl Scouts and other groups.

Girl Scouts really enjoy travelling, but they love to share the excitement of experience the world with their group even more. This is their chance to explore new cultures, places, food, languages, famous beauty, learn history and more.

A Girl Scout Group tour is a great way to build friendships, develop a sense of community, meet international friends, have fun, and learn about the world.

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Download the Girl Scouts Guide to Global Travel

Club Europa tours are custom made to your girl scout group's personal tastes and requirements. We strive to insure that this trip will to be the memory of a lifetime for everyone.

Club Europa tour directors are trained professionals, and more, they are knowledgeable ... and friendly and enthusiastic...each with his or her own style, each dedicated to providing a truly memorable girl scout tour for each and every participant.

Club Europa tour directors are multi-lingual natives. All of our girl scout tours are under the direction of a European tour director. All are trained by Club Europa and "matched" with the particular girl scout tour group you present..

We analyze your group girl scout tour project to learn your particular specifications and what you want to achieve. Our experts cover everything from your itinerary routing, class of hotels, transportation needs, special activities, sightseeing, meals and special plans.

From the arrival of the first traveler until the departure of the last, the tour directors handles everything involving your girl scout tour with a professional attitude and demeanor...with SERVICE as a top priority.


  1. Request the group tour proposal by telling us as much as possible about your girl scount group and what they are excited about seeing and experiencing. The more we know, the better we can serve you.

    • Use our interactive QQF (Quick Quote Form) and send it to us by e-mail or
    • give us a call and we will send or fax you several hard copies of the QQF

  2. Receive the complete proposal from us, generally within 48 hours, even over weekends

    • give us a call if you need further assistance before filling out the QQF, we will be happy to send you guidelines and/or discuss your project with you

  3. Beginning of the reservation process

    • If and when you and your group accept our proposal, we proceed with reservations, usually through our European office in Vienna, Austria

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